About a year ago, a concerned dermatologist-mom conveyed to us a problem and a challenge.

The problem was that there simply wasn’t an existing baby-bathing product that was truly specialized for the crucial first six months. Since their skin is still so new and just beginning to develop, bathing our little ones in this period requires extreme simplicity. Despite this, every brand in the market (whether natural, organic, or popular gentle cleansers) contained at least one or two ingredients that weren’t simple enough for the first six months. They could either be in the form of scents, irritating acids, and/or harsh chemicals. 

The challenge, of course, was to solve this problem!

We strongly believed in her concern and immediately formulated a team consisting of sincere doctors, passionate chemists, and passionate moms to formulate a cleanser that was simpler than anything that’s ever been created, a liquid that would properly clean our newborns with absolutely zero compromises.

And after a year of struggling to put together the perfect formulation, we are truly proud to share with you the fruit of our labour,

Sacred, the simplest newborn cleanser, made with love for the first six months.