Be our Brand Ambassador!

What’s great about being our Brand Ambassador?

Responsibilities & Deliverables

  1. Promote SACRED products on all personal/public social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Blog) at least twice a month. (You may post via FB or IG story but we require twice a month IG post). Please do tag us in your postings via our social media accounts. We will be checking it via #sacredsixmonths, #sacred7plus hashtags.

  2. Boost brand awareness and benefits of our Sacred products to your social media pages/groups/blogs.

  3. Increase the public’s knowledge of theb rand/products. Help potential customer feel comfortable with the brand.

  4. Direct further inquiries to the company. Brand ambassador can direct the customers from where to get more information if they have questions which are further than the scope.

  5. If you wish to give out promos and discounts, send us a request for approval first before doing so. The maximum discount to provide your friends, families and followers is 20%; not in conjunction with other promos and discounts. Prices should be based on SRP. You may use and share your personalized promo code when setting up your promos/discounts.

  6. Brand Ambassadors should exclusively work with Sacred and are not allowed to work for competing brands/companies at the same time.


In exchange for your genuine support, we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our brand ambassador! This will include our efforts to help you grow, as well as promoting you as an influential leader in the mom/skincare community.

We will provide you with all the essential tools for promoting Sacred brand. We’ll also provide free promotional skincare products, plus an exclusive discount code that you will share via Website / Blog / Youtube, or Social Media (i.e. Instagram & Facebook).

You will also have an incredible earning potential! Once you share your exclusive discount code; every individual who uses that code on Sacred brand – you’ll earn a (%) percentage of their total purchases for as long as you remain in our brand ambassadorship program!